Se mig
: En litteraturstudie om relationen mellan sjuksköterskan och patienten med ätstörningsproblematik

Translated title of the thesis: See me: A literature study about the relationship between the nurse and the patient with an eating disorder
  • Elsa Ahrnbom
  • Elvira Ripa

Student thesis: Bachelor


Background: Around 190 000 people in Sweden suffer from an eating disorder, but it is estimated that there is a large unknown number. A good relationship between nurse and patient is needed for the patient meaningfulness. The nurse has a responsibility to help the patient experience well-being.
Aim: The aim was to describe what can affect the relationship between nurse and patient with an eating disorder.
Method: The literature study resulted in 11 qualitative articles. The databases Cinahl complete and PsychInfo were used. Result: The result resulted in three categories: Conditions for developing the relationship, Obstacles in the development of the relationship and The role balance between nurse and patient.
Discussion: The method discussion was based on the credibility concepts reliability, transferability dependability and verifiability (Shenton, 2004). The three findings that emerged in the result discussion were To see the patient, The importance of a functioning organization and The nurse’s professionalism and perceptions. The findings were linked to McCormack and McCance’s (2017) model Person-centred Practise Framework, as well as Orlando’s (1961) nursing process.
Conclusion: The literature study has shown that it may be central to offer training regarding eating disorders to all healthcare professionals to broaden knowledge and understanding.
Date of Award2022-Dec
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorGabriella Nilsson (Supervisor) & Ann-Christine Andersson (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Study Programme in Nursing

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Nursing (30305)


  • relationship
  • nurse
  • patient
  • eating disorder

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