Självskadebeteende inom somatisk vård
: En litteraturstudie utifrån vad som påverkar sjuksköterskors attityder

Translated title of the thesis: Self-injurious behavior within the somatic care: A litteratur study based on nurses’ perspective
  • Hanna Blixt
  • Julia Olofsson

Student thesis: Bachelor


Background: Mental illness and self-harming behavior are both increasing worldwide. Self-harming behavior is an intentional action which has the purpose to harm the body without committing suicide. Nurses' attitudes are influenced by their persona and appear through their actions and behaviors. This affects the nurse's care of the patient, which should be based on a person-centered approach. That includes listening to the patient and creating a partnership. Aim: The aim of this study was to describe what influenced nurses' attitudes towards people with self-harming behavior. Method: A literature study based on seven qualitative and five quantitative articles. The articles were obtained from Cinahl, Pubmed, Google Scholar and PsycInfo from 2013-2021. The analysis was first carried out on its own, furthermore the authors compiled all information to acquire main-categories and subcategories. Results: The three main categories of the results are: Nurses' attitudes and feelings, nurses competence and the organization of care. Nurses' attitudes and feelings consist of their prejudices, feelings and people who self-harm should appear in a different context. Nurses' competence is described based on the level of education and the experience they have. Finally, the organization of care is about management, leadership and lack of time and staff. Discussion: In the results discussion, three central findings which affected the nurses’ attitudes were selected: prejudice, feelings and education. Conclusion: Attitudes are influenced by nurses' competence, attitudes, feelings and the organization of care.
Date of Award2021-Dec
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorAnna-Karin Edvinsson (Supervisor) & Gerd Röndahl (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Study Programme in Nursing

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Nursing (30305)

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