Som leder till, vilket i sin tur…
: en kvalitativ studie av lärares uppfattningar av komplexa system i ekologiundervisningen

Translated title of the thesis: Which leads to, which in turn…: a qualitative study of teachers' perceptions of complex systems in the learning of ecology
  • My Bejmar

Student thesis: Professional degree, Advanced level


A term used to describe connections between composite, integrative networks is complex systems. In today's society it’s necessary to be able to navigate these so- called complex systems in order to understand our surroundings and thus be able to make decisions or analyse problems. Complex systems are part of the school's biology subject and have been seen as a problematic area for students. The purpose of this research is to contribute with more knowledge about how teachers describe their teaching about complex systems. It is thus the teachers' experience of their teaching and their perception of whether the students are influenced by it that becomes the starting point for the study. The study examines teachers' perceptions of these systems within the field of ecology as part of biology education through interviews with a phenomenological approach. The result shows a description of teachers' experience of their teaching and what opportunities and difficulties arise in learning the complex systems of ecology. In this study the teachers experience the area of ecology to have many theories and concepts to learn. But see opportunities for good student results by using experiences and varying working methods in close connection with nature. The study concludes by making connections between the science education research and the teachers' experiences as depicted in this study.

Date of Award2021-Jun-28
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorElisabeth Einarsson (Supervisor) & Anders Jönsson (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Ämneslärarutbildningen inriktning mot gymnasiet

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Educational Sciences (503)


  • complex systems
  • teaching
  • biology
  • ecology
  • phenomenology
  • experience
  • qualitative content analysis

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