Surdegsbröd och jästbröd
: skillnad i smak och GI-värde

Translated title of the thesis: Sourdough bread and yeast bread: difference in taste and glycemic index value
  • Andreas Björkman
  • Julia Jeppsson

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    Introduction: Sourdough is today a trend that has been caught by many and most bakeries andgrocery stores sell bread called “Sourdough bread”. Traditional sourdough bread is bread wherethe sourdough is used as only leavening agent.

    Purpose: The purpose was to examine differences in sensory attributes, from a consumerperspective, and glycemic index between sourdough bread, yeast bread and bread baked withboth sourdough and yeast.

    Material and Method: The methods used were two different consumer tests to determinedifferences between the three breads, and an in vitro-method for determining the glycemicindex.

    Result: The results showed that consumers can sense the difference between sourdough breadand yeast bread and between sourdough bread and bread baked with both sourdough and yeastbut not between yeast bread and bread baked with both sourdough and yeast. The sourish tasteof sourdough bread decreases if the bread is baked with both sourdough and yeast. Theglycemic index measurements by the in vitro-method showed that the bread baked with bothsourdough and yeast had the lowest glycemic index value whilst the sourdough bread had thehighest.

    Conclusion: Bread baked with both sourdough and yeast more resembles yeast bread thansourdough bread. The in vitro-method is not the most reliable for examining differences inglycemic index value for sourdough bread meanwhile the pH-value of the sourdough breadmay have been too high to be able to lower the glycemic value of the bread. No conclusionscould therefore be made from the glycemic index measurements.

    Date of Award2015-Jun-16
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorViktoria Olsson (Supervisor) & Karin Wendin (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Culinary Arts and Food Sciences

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Food Science (40103)


    • sourdough bread
    • yeast bread
    • glycemic index value
    • sensory test
    • consumer test

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