Sustainable retailing - In-store display of ecological products

  • Johanna Bardeman
  • Emelie Winroth

    Student thesis: Master, two years


    In what ways can retailers influence consumers to purchase more ecological food products by using product displays? The purpose of this paper is to investigate and create a better understanding of in what ways retailers can influence consumers to buy more ecological products, by using instore product displays. We have used a qualitative approach were we performed an experiment in-store regarding product displays, and also observed the consumer behavior. We used an abductive approach when analyzing the results. The starting point lies within in-store marketing, to explain how different in-store stimuli influence consumers. We have also used sensory marketing. These theories were combined with market orientation, and especially market driving strategies, since we see the retailer as a driver who has the power to influence consumers. Our results indicate that more consumers noticed the products when the manipulations were performed. The manipulated displays also attracted consumers’ attention. The sales number also indicated that the manipulations increased sales of both products. We draw the conclusions that product displays influence consumers in-store, and also that retailers have the power to influence consumers through marketing activities. In addition, retailers have the power to drive the market towards more ecological purchasing behavior, and can contribute to a more sustainable society.

    Date of Award2015-Aug-07
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorKarin Alm (Supervisor) & Karl Wennberg (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Social Sciences (5)


    • in-store marketing
    • product displays
    • consumer behavior
    • ecological products
    • market driving retailers
    • consumer information

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