The Cultural Clashes of International Business -a Study of the Swedish and Polish Cooperation

  • Ann Dahlqvist
  • Daniel Nackovski
  • Jenny Gustavsson

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    Trade between Swedish and Polish companies is constantly growing, which is why there is an increasing need for a universal strategy for Swedish business people on how to cope with the cultural differences of business. The aim of this dissertation is therefore to establish a strategy that might help Swedish business people when involving in relationships with Polish business people.

    We have chosen to use the findings of three recognised researchers and combine their theories into a wider definition of the term business culture. Further, the definition was tested on a group of respondents in order to test its applicability in reality. This resulted in several modified cultural differences of business, which we concluded in a strategy on how to cope best with the existing differences.

    Date of Award2006-Jan-01
    Original languageEnglish

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Law (505)

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