The launch of a new car from a premium brand under pressure - defining consumers’ perception of a brand

  • Serap Kocacenk
  • Sara Rubenstein

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    The view of a brand and brand image can be based on a numerous different factors. It is however largely due to historical associations in consumer’s mind and the symbolic value at an emotional level which has been build over the years. Therefore, it is of importance to a company to find the key to the consumer’s perception of a brand in order to be successful.

    The dissertation examines the difficulties a company is facing when launching a new product in a high-tech industry. The Jaguar Company is operating in the high-tech industry and is interested in entering the market of modern luxury cars targeting a younger audience. The environment consists of increased competition and high demanding customers, creating a complexity of products requiring increased technologies and competences of a company. The Jaguar Company is facing the difficulty of defining positioning and gaining a competitive advantage within the industry.

    The relevant theories are based on literature reviews with focus on segmentation, targeting and positioning. The research data is collected by the use of a questionnaire handed out at an event arranged by Jaguar in Malmö. Further, the dissertation was limited by the geographical closeness and the time constraint

    The dissertation is analysing the perception of the Jaguar customer and the positioning of the brand, as well as if that perception of the Jaguar brand changes after the introduction of the Jaguar XF. The dissertation is then concluded by a connection between our results and the research questions, as well as a general summary of our findings and implications for managers.

    Date of Award2007-Dec-01
    Original languageEnglish

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