The Relationship Between Human Resources and Urban Competitiveness A case study of Ningbo city

  • Du Weihao
  • Qin Ji
  • Wang Liaoming

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    Nowadays the competitiveness is a hot subject being studied all over the China. This dissertation is dedicated to analyzing the relationships between human resources and economic development, innovation and technology, and industrial cluster. The main purpose of this dissertation is to find out the extent to which human resource plays an important role in the competitiveness of one city, one economic region, even one state, and also to give some insight in how to accelerate the competitiveness enhancement by adjusting the quantity, quality, collocation, and structure of human resources, and so on.

    Literature review was conducted in the context of our theoretical framework discussion. Theories of Porter from USA and theory of competitiveness of Ni Pengfei from China were discussed. Then, a new model was created and, a deductive method was adopted. From different angles, three aspects associated with competitiveness were analyzed respectively. An in-depth case study of the city Ningbo, China was conducted. Our theoretical framework and model were tested in the case study.

    We came to conclusion that human resources has significant effect on the economic development, innovation and technology and industrial cluster. It is apparent that human resources is one of the crucial variables prompting competitiveness. Finally, further researches and practical implications of our study were discussed.

    Date of Award2006-Dec-01
    Original languageEnglish

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    • Law (505)

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