The Validity of Cultural Dimensions in the Development Process of International Advertising

  • Nicole Ailland
  • Olaf Hähnel

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    Culture drives how people communicate and what they communicate. In addition,

    culture influences the people’s perception of advertisements. Understanding the

    consequences of cultural differences is, therefore, crucial for marketing and

    advertising people when it comes to the development of international advertising.

    The main purpose of this dissertation was to investigate the approach of

    advertising agencies towards cultural differences during the development process

    of international advertising. Furthermore, the authors wanted to find out, if

    advertising agencies know and apply the cultural theories of Geert Hofstede and

    Edward T. Hall during this process, and whether it would be possible to expand

    their cultural theories by using the insights gained from the practical work of the

    agencies. In order to answer this paper’s research questions, four interviews with

    account managers and CEOs in three advertising agencies were conducted and

    documentary data were collected. Based on the research findings, one can

    conclude that even though advertising agencies are constantly aware of cultural

    differences during their development process, there is no structural knowledge or

    a structured approach to it. Furthermore, the cultural dimensions of Hofstede and

    Hall or any other scientist are not known to the agencies and also not applied, as

    they are for various reasons not regarded as supportive and useful guidelines for

    the development of suitable ads for culturally different target groups. In addition,

    the authors have learned that culture is not a dominating issue during the

    development process of international advertising. Thus, instead of adding further

    cultural dimensions to the existent theories, a model was developed which

    depicts the influencing factors on international advertising and puts cultural

    considerations in relation to them.

    Keywords: culture, cultural dimensions, advertising, advertising agencies

    Date of Award2006-Dec-01
    Original languageEnglish

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