Undervisning i grundsärskolan ur ett hälsoperspektiv
: aspekter som påverkar daglig fysisk aktivitet

Translated title of the thesis: Teaching in compulsory schools for students with learning disabilities from a health perspective.: aspects affecting daily physical activity.
  • Maria Hasselström
  • Ulrika Glans

Student thesis: Master, one year


The authors of this study are two prospective special teachers, in compulsory school for pupils with learning disabilities.During the study period, the two authors of the study worked as a teacher in the later part of the compulsory school. pupils with learning disabilities. The authors have had a goal to introduce more physical activity in the form of break activities and a more active teaching throughout the whole school day for students with intellectual disabilities. The idea for the study arose after the authors followed the social debate about pupils' reduction of physical activity. There was a curiosity and interest in investigating how or if other special education teachers work to increase the students' physical activity and health in compulsory school for pupils with learning disabilities. Based on this interest, we wrote this study entitled: Teaching in compulsory school for pupils with learning disabilities from a health perspective.The purpose of this study is to elucidate how six specialist teachers / prospective special teachers in the latter part of the compulsory school for pupils with learning disabilities describe their teaching from a health perspective where the physical perspective is central. The study highlights the physical activities within the framework of the entire school day.Furthermore, the study also has the purpose to provide a knowledge contribution by raising awareness of how special teachers view the opportunities for daily physical activity within the framework of the entire school day. Furthermore, the study is based on literature, national and international research and theoretical concepts of KASAM. The theoretical starting point of the study is KASAM, sense of Coherence, Antonovsky (2005). As a theoretical starting point in the analysis of the results, the authors of the study have chosen to use a salutogenesis health 

perspective. The study was based on literature studies and semi-structured qualitative interviews as a method as this approach was considered most suitable for answering the study's questions (Bryman, 2018). One of the most basic features of qualitative research is to express the actions, experiences, habits and attitudes of different individuals (Nilholm, 2016) this was the authors' idea with the study. The study is empirical, and it is based on six individual interviews with specialist teachers / prospective special teachers who work and teach students in the latter part of the compulsory school for pupils with severe learning disabilities.The study shows that it is organizational conditions and the attitude of the staff that controls the student’s opportunities for physical activity. According to the educators, the opportunity to influence from a student perspective is governed by local and staff access. None of the respondents highlighted the students' wishes as a guide on the issue of obstacles and opportunities for physical activity. When the student perspective is raised by the respondents, it is in descriptions of what the students do on their breaks.All respondents perceive physical activity as positive.

Date of Award2020-Mar-05
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorKerstin Ahlqvist (Supervisor) & Carin Roos (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Special Education Teacher Programme

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Pedagogy (50301)

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