Utvärdering av analys av pankreas-specifikt lipas hos hund och katt med Vcheck V200
: en prospektiv komparativ studie

Translated title of the thesis: Evaluation of analysis of pancreas-specific Lipase in dogs and cats with Vcheck V200: a prospective comparative study
  • Felicia Carlsson

Student thesis: Professional degree, Basic level


Pancreatitis is a common disease in canine and felines and can be diagnosed by measuring the concentration of Canine Pancreas-specific Lipase (cPL) or Feline Pancreas-specific Lipase (fPL) in serum. Based on the concentration of cPL/fPL, the patient is then classified in different diagnostic categories (normal value, gray zone or indication of pancreatitis). Spec cPL and Spec fPL is currently the golden standard method for analysis of cPL and fPL. New methods have been developed for the quantitative measurement of pancreatic lipases. Vcheck V200, being one example, utilizing a fluorescent immunoassay for quantification of the lipase. The aim of this study was to evaluate the cPL and fPL analysis on the Vcheck V200 and to examine if there was a significant difference (p≤0,05) when comparing the result from Vcheck V200 with the results from a reference laboratory. The concentration of cPL (n=37) and fPL (n=29) in serum from canine or felines were analyzed using Vcheck V200. The samples were also sent to the reference laboratory where Spec cPL and Spec cPL were performed. A Bland-Altman plot comparison between the two methods showed a large spread for both analysis of cPL and fPL. Comparison of the specific values for analysis of cPL and fPL between the two methods revealed a significant difference (p<0,05). 27% of the dog samples were categorized differently according to the two methods and this difference was significant (p<0,05). 24% of the cat samples were categorized differently and no significant difference were observed (p=0,257). This study indicates that the difference between the two methods was significant, besides the classification of cat samples. Considering this and the lack of quality assurance regarding analysis of fPL due to lack of controls, the cPL/fPL analysis on Vcheck V200 cannot replace the Spec cPL or Spec fPL at present.

Date of Award2021-Jul-02
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorAnn-Sofi Rehnstam-Holm (Supervisor), Mariana Cigut (Supervisor) & Kjell Johansson (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Laboratory Science

Courses and Subjects

  • Biomedical Laboratory Science

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Analytical Chemistry (10401)
  • Clinical Laboratory Medicine (30223)
  • Veterinary Science (403)


  • vcheck cpl
  • vcheck fpl
  • evaluation
  • spec cpl
  • spec fpl
  • comparison
  • canine pancreas-specific lipase
  • feline pancreas-specific lipase

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