Vad påverkar möjligheterna till en framgångsrik crowdfunding-kampanj?

  • Wiktor Dahl
  • Alexander Tillman

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    Entrepreneurs that are in a "start-up" phase within a project they are working on finds it hard to find investors. This could appear within almost every project when a financial history don't exist to show the investors. If a project successfully wants to be financed there are different ways and options to explore. One can turn to either venture capital or business angels. What motivates these investors varies in different projects. What the investors all have in common is that it's hard to get them to invest in a project.

    During the last years there have been a new way for entrepreneurs to raise capital, called crowdfunding. Through crowdfunding, entrepreneurs can add their project/projects online on websites. The entrepreneurs describes themselves, their project and what the money will be used to. Through these websites it's open for the public to donate an amount of money in to the project and in return the investor gets some form of reward. This form of investment has become more and more common throughout the years and today there are many investment made with this method.

    This study is a research that shows which factors whom makes the investors interested to invest in a crowdfunding- project. The study is based on information from 260 different projects were we were able to discover some factors which can increase the possibility to succeed. These factors are based on the entrepreneur, the projects product and the investors return.

    Date of Award2014-Sep-09
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorEmil Numminen (Supervisor), Olsson Ola (Supervisor) & Timurs Umans (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Business Administration (50202)


    • business angels
    • venture capital
    • crowdfunding
    • finance
    • entrepreneur

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