Varför är ohälsosamma beteenden så svåra att förändra?
: en litteraturstudie om livsstilsförändringar bland individer med ökad risk att utveckla hjärt-kärlsjukdom samt diagnostiserad hjärt-kärlsjukdom

  • Teres Fagerström
  • Annelie Tavassoli

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    Background: Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common nationaldiseases in Sweden and the majority of cases can be prevented by lifestylechanges. Despite the fact that patients frequently demonstrate a high degreeof awareness with regards to the effect that negative lifestyle habits mayhave on their health it is often difficult to implement the required changes.Purpose: The aim was to investigate the circumstances which makelifestyle changes difficult for individuals with cardiovascular disease andthose at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Method: The study wasconducted with view to gathering and evaluating literature on researchrelating to the subject. Searches were made in the databases Cinahl, PubMedand PsycINFO and resulted in 10 qualitative articles. Result: The five maincategories in this study were: lack of information from health professionals,physical and practical barriers, perceived demands from their socialenvironment as well as demands participants have on themselves, lack ofsupport from health professionals and conflict between reason and emotions.Hindering factors for lifestyle changes proved to be information that was notadjusted to participants’ living conditions and circumstances, thatindividuals felt lack of control over their own health and diseasedevelopment and lower prioritization of lifestyle changes as time went andthe symptoms faded away. Discussion: When supporting lifestyle changes,it is important that health professionals in their treatment closely involve theindividual and that the individual’s personal needs are taken intoconsideration. The chance of successfully implementing preventive lifestylechanges greatly increases if information is updated, clarified, repeated andany questions arising are answered.

    Date of Award2009-Nov-10
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorPia Petersson (Supervisor)

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Nursing (30305)


    • cardiovascular disease
    • lifestyle change
    • patient perspective
    • barriers.

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