Varför besöka naturreservat?
: en studie om besökare i Skurugata och Stuverydsbäcken

Translated title of the thesis: Why visit a nature reserve?: a study about visitors in Skurugata and Stuverydsbäcken
  • Jönsson Morgan

Student thesis: Bachelor


Nature reserves are the most common type of protected landscape designation in Sweden. Many of theise landscapes are protected as nature reserves based on the distribution of specific species. Further, some nature reserves have more visitors than others. These differense lead to interesting qestions. For example, what makes a nature reserve a popular destination? This question is at the base of this researchreport, based on a research in two Swedish nature reserves, Skurugata and Stuverydsbäcken, in Eksjö municipality, Jönköpings province. Visitors at these sites have been counted and many of the visitors have answeed questions about what motivates them to make a visit in the reserve. Also questions about how they travelled to the nature reserve and how they obtained information about the place wereas answered. The result of an analysis of this data shows that Skurugata has more visitors. The result of the questions shows that the motivations and visitor preferences areis not, however, very different. Most of the visitors of both sites reported enjoying being in the nature and and seeing specific features of the particular reserves (canyons). The key difference noted from the survey results was that many visitors to Skurugata did not have any knowledge about Stuverydsbäcken at all, while most of the visitors in Stuverydsbäcken had a knowledge about Skurugata. These similarities and differences are discussed.

Date of Award2020-Oct-02
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorBeery Thomas (Supervisor), Svensson Nils-Olof (Supervisor) & Regnell Joachim (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Landscape Science Programme

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Other Natural Sciences (107)
  • Other Social Sciences not elsewhere specified (50999)

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