Vilken information är väsentlig att ha med i en revisionsberättelse?
en jämförelse mellan uppfattningar hos revisorer, revisorsassistenter och studenter

Translated title of the thesis: What information is essential to be included in the audit report? A comparison between the view among auditors, auditor assistants and students
  • Sophie Gejhed
  • Charlotte Åkesson

    Student thesis: Bachelor


    The audit report is of importance for both companies and stakeholders. The audit report is undergoing change to present more essential information and to reduce the expectation gap between the company and its stakeholders. Today, IAASB and EU have no agreement regarding a common standard of the audit report. There is also a wish to include hard and soft information.

    The purpose of this study is to explore and compare students, auditor assistants and auditors view on essential information in the audit report. The goal is to present which information to be included in the audit report and thereby understand which proposal that is the best.

    An investigation model is presented based on Legitimacy and Profession theory. The model is tested with support from surveys answered by students, auditor assistants and auditors.

    The results show that respondents who see the auditor as an assurance prefer IAASBs change together with hard and soft information. Respondents who see the auditor as an improvement prefer EUs change. Lastly, respondents who see the auditor as an insurance they want hard and soft information.

    The conclusion is that which information wanted in the audit report differ dependent on how the respondents see the role of the auditor. The study also shows that which information the respondents wishes in the audit report depends on if the respondent is a student, an auditor assistant or an auditor. Our study contributes to the understanding of the change and what change that is whished by the three actors.

    Date of Award2016-Jun-30
    Original languageSwedish
    SupervisorPernilla Broberg (Supervisor) & Timurs Umans (Examiner)

    Educational program

    • Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics

    University credits

    • 15 HE credits

    Swedish Standard Keywords

    • Business Administration (50202)


    • audit report
    • change
    • iaasb
    • eu
    • hard information
    • soft information

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