”Walla bro”
: Legitimerade lärare i fritidshemmets uppfattning om elevernas användning av förortssvenska

Translated title of the thesis: “Walla bro”: Legitimate teachers in the after-school center's perception of the students' use of suburban Swedish
  • Rebecka Fransson Yücel
  • Fredrik Persson

Student thesis: Professional degree, Basic level


In this study, we have investigated the perceptions of students' use of suburban Swedish licensed teachers in the after-school center have. The study was conducted via semi structured interviews, which is a qualitative research method. In order to examine in detail the informants' perception of suburban Swedish, the analysis has been based on a discourse analytical perspective, inspired by Norman Fairclough's critical discourse analysis. Previous research shows that language varieties vary depending on areas and identities. The research also shows that the acceptance of language varieties is governed by the teachers' own ideology. A language variety such as suburban Swedish is not considered sufficiently academic. It appears in our results that the informants' perception of suburban Swedish is that it is an unkempt language. It also appears that the informants have the opinion that it is mostly spoken by people or groups with a foreign background. At the same time, the informants state that suburban Swedes are nowadays inspired by music and social media. For that reason, suburban Swedish appears more now among students even with a Swedish background. The informants associate the use of suburban Swedish with status seekers and with boys in particular. However, the use of suburban Swedish is not recognized in the area of school and studies. In that context, the informants describe the after-school center as an activity where the students are more free in their use of the language. It is an ambivalent attitude that emerges where respect for standardized Swedish and the school language is pitted against the students' creativity and search for identity. The informants are faced with a diffuse policy that makes it difficult to justify their approach to students' use and the consequences of it.
Date of Award2023-Jun
Original languageSwedish
SupervisorTanya Uhnger Wünsche (Supervisor), Jonas Asklund (Assessor) & Sara Lenninger (Examiner)

Educational program

  • Grundlärarutbildning: fritidshem

University credits

  • 15 HE credits

Swedish Standard Keywords

  • Sociology (50401)


  • suburban Swedish
  • language variety
  • after-school teacher
  • discourse analysis
  • critical discourse analysis
  • slang
  • attitude
  • perception

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