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Ideal Spaces is an art and research project that aims to explore spaces of social and imaginative relevance.


Since 2016 the Ideal Spaces Working Group ( and its founder Ulrich Gehmann are associated partners to the department of Design. Going back to 2014 when the collaboration with Ulrich Gehmann and the department of Design started, the group has published several articles, made exhibitions and symposia in the context of the Venice Architectural Biennale, inter alias in the Italian Pavilion in 2021, in the State Museum of Architecture in Moscow, in Miami and at other places.

Together with Michael Johansson, one focus of the group’s activities is on research on gestalt, space, and imagination.

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Utforska forskningsämnen som berörs av detta projekt. Dessa etiketter genereras baserat på underliggande ansökningar/anslag. Tillsammans bildar de ett unikt fingeravtryck.