Towards Barrier-Free Communities : A Partnership for Improving Mobility, Access and Participation (MAP) Among People with Disabilities

  • Pettersson, Cecilia (Forskare)
  • Mortenson, William B. (PI)
  • Mahmood, Atiya N. (Forskare)
  • Labbé , Delphine (Forskare)
  • Morales , Ernesto (Forskare)
  • Routhier , François (Forskare)
  • Martin Ginis , Kathleen A. (Forskare)
  • Best, Krista (Forskare)
  • Lamontagne , Marie-Eve (Forskare)
  • Mostafavi , Mir Abolfazl (Forskare)
  • Boucher , Normand (Forskare)
  • Collomb d'Eyrames , Olivier (Forskare)
  • D'Souza , Stephen (Forskare)
  • Miller, William C. (Forskare)
  • Loverin Silver , Annwen (Forskare)
  • Kupferschmidt , Anthony L. (Forskare)
  • McBride , Christopher B. (Forskare)
  • Smith, Emma (Forskare)
  • Sukhai , Mahadeo A. (Forskare)
  • Bird, Marie-Louise (Forskare)
  • Duclos , Noémie C. (Forskare)
  • Woolrych , Ryan D. (Forskare)
  • Allegre , Willy (Forskare)


Kort sammanfattning

Our Mobility And Participation (MAP) Partnership will focus on three streams that have been identified as priorities by stakeholders, including people with mobility issues and community partners: 1) navigation and pedestrian environment accessibility, 2) transportation accessibility, and 3) social accessibility (attitudinal and social factors). Specific projects will focus on intervention development and evaluation in a four-stage action-research cycle. Multiple investigations will be conducted to answer research questions and to fulfill knowledge mobilization objectives within and across the streams. Stage 1 will PLAN the interventions (e.g., policies, programs, educational initiatives, tools) and consider factors that can impact their development. Stage 2 will ACT to put the interventions into practice. Stage 3 will ASSESS and REFLECT on the implementation process of the interventions and their short- and long-term effects (for people with mobility issues and other stakeholders). Finally, Stage 4 will identify ways to SCALE UP or OUT to other communities or levels of government.
Gällande start-/slutdatum20-01-0127-12-31


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