A guide for teachers and students in a cross-cultural context

Jane Mattisson, Lena Ahlin, Annika Fjelkner

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A Guide for Teachers and Students in a Cross-cultural Context addresses important aspects of cross-cultural education primarily in relation to China and Sweden though much of what is written here also applies to other nationalities. Our observations are based in part on our experience of teaching Chinese students both in China and in Sweden and on six workshops held at Linnaeus University, Sweden, Kristianstad University, Sweden, and Beijing Normal University, China.

Our handbook is divided into three sections: practical information; oral interaction in the cross-cultural classroom; and writing in the cross-cultural classroom. The three sections point to potential problems and misunderstandings between China and Sweden and provide practical advice and tips for students and teachers.

We welcome Chinese and other international students to Kristianstad University. They enrich our classrooms and stimulate new thinking as well as new teaching practices. It is our hope that readers of our handbook will contact us, providing comments and suggesting additions to the three sections. All comments and suggestions can be sent by e-mail to the contributors.

StatusPublicerad - 2014


NamnKristianstad University Press

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