A new iterative computer search algorithm for good quasi-twisted codes

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    As a generalization to cyclic and consta-cyclic codes, quasi-twisted (QT) codes contain many good linear codes. During the last twenty years, a lot of record-breaking codes have been found by computer search for good QT codes. But due to the time complexity, very few QT codes have been reported recently. In this paper, a new iterative, heuristic computer search algorithm is presented, and a lot of new QT codes have been obtained. With these results, a total of 45 entries in the code tables for the best-known codes have been improved. Also, as an example to show the effectiveness of the algorithm, 8 better binary quasi-cyclic codes with dimension 12 and m = 13 than previously best-known results are constructed.

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    TidskriftDesigns, Codes and Cryptography
    StatusPublicerad - 2015

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