Active parents-active children: a study among families with children and adolescents with Down Syndrome.

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From a public health perspective, it is important that children with Down syndrome (DS) lay the foundations of physical activity (PA) early in life to keep active in school, as teenagers and as adults. The aims were to investigate PA patterns in children and adolescents with DS, as well as their parents’ and siblings’ PA patterns. Methods: A survey was performed among 310 families with children with DS (54% boys and 46% girls) aged 8–18 years (mean 14.04, SD 3.18) in Sweden. Chi-squared tests and multiple logistic regression were carried out. Results: Nineteen percent of children and adolescents with DS and 34% of the parents were active three or more times per week. The child’s PA level was significantly associated with parents’ PA (OR = 5.5), siblings’ PA (OR = 5.1) and the child’s locomotion ability (OR = 3.5). Physically active parents had active children to a greater extent than inactive parents (59% vs. 29%; p < 0.001). Conclusions: Physically active parents have active children. To promote PA among children and adolescents with DS, it is important to promote and pay attention to the parents’ and siblings’ PA behavior, as children with DS are dependent on support from the family.

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StatusPublicerad - 2021-jan.-02

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