"Alltså de är snälla, men inte för snälla": om ADHD i skolan – två elevperspektiv

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The theoretical framework bases mainly on Schütz (2002) lived experience theory

The phenomenology of the social world. Schütz focus on the everyday world matches the purpose of this study since school may course as an everyday world for the students. Schütz (2002) theory completes with thoughts of Bengtsson and Berntsson (2015), Asplund (2010) and von Wright (2000). The choice bases on their shared focus on phenomenology and relationships.

Based on the result, two things appear to be particularly important in the students’ narratives:

 The experience of belonging. To be a part of the social life with friends in the everyday life in school.

 The importance of trustworthy, caring and mutual relationships with teachers in school.

The main thing that seems to be of primary relevance for both Charlie and Kim were the quality of the teacher student relationship. A trustworthy relation may be as a key factor not only for students’ self-esteem but also for how they develop their learning identity.

The study implies that how students with ADHD experience their school day depends on the relationships with both teachers and peers in the regional world that consists the students’ everyday world. Inadequate relationships with teachers and peers seems, based on the results of this study, lead to lack of self-esteem. Self-esteem is a critical factor in the development of social both as educational learning. Teachers' ability to develop trustful relationships is therefore a key factor in how the learner develops his or her learning identity. A learning identity that not only has consequences for the student's schooling but also in the long run affects further developing as well as work and social life.

The aim of this study is to provide knowledge about how students with an ADHD diagnosis can experience their everyday life in school. The study is based on the assumption that teachers’ ability of developing professional pedagogical relationships are critical for how students experience themselves and their social- and pedagogical ability.

The main question of the study is:

 What appears to be particularly important in the students' narratives?

- What, of the particularly important, seems to be of primary relevance for the student as an individual?

The empirical part of the study consists two narratives, one from Charlie and one from Kim. Kim and Charlie are two secondary school students both diagnosed with ADHD. According to Cousin (2009) a narrative inquiry is especially useful if the researcher wants to know how individuals "make sense of their lives through the selective stories they tell about noteworthy episodes" (Cousin, 2009, s. 93). By gathering and exploring narratives, the researcher gives the opportunity to get an insight in the complex ways that individuals act on bases of their experiences.

The student narratives were filmed in purpose to facilitate transcription. Before the researcher started to analyze the transcribed narratives, she had them sent to guardians for reading and approval.

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