Aspects on nutrition of the elderly at home: a review

B. Steen, E. Rothenberg

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This review deals with the elderly at home and their nutrition in health and disease. The increasing relative and absolute number of elderly in most countries and the high prevalence of disease in the higher age groups make this item a burning one. Both the ageing process per se and the effects of disease on nutritional status add difficulties to this issue. Not only disease but also factors such as impaired vision, presbyacusis, oral health, smoking, and alcohol use or misuse may complicate nutrition in the elderly. Cohort differences may have a marked impact on nutrition regarding several factors. In many countries meal habits and intake of energy and nutrients in at least "young elderly" are on average acceptable. However, variation is marked. In this review practical aspects on preventive nutrition and dietary habits in the elderly at home are also included.
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TidskriftThe Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging
StatusPublicerad - 1998
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