Average mass of seeds encountered by foraging dabbling ducks in western Europe

Céline Arzel, Johan Elmberg, Matthieu Guillemain, Pierre Legagneux, Fabrice Bosca, Mathieu Chambouleyron, Michel Lepley, Christophe Pin, Antoine Arnaud, Vincent Schricke

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    Many dabbling ducks Anas spp. are largely granivorous, consuming a variety of seeds chiefly from aquatic plants. To assess the relative value and carrying capacity of wetlands for dabbling ducks, species-specific information about seed mass is needed, but it is still largely missing or scattered in the literature. By combining weights of seeds collected in the field with a literature review, we provide a reference table for seed mass of 200 western European plant taxa frequently encountered by foraging dabbling ducks. Seeds collected in the field were sampled in microhabitats and at depths at which ducks were observed to forage, and study sites represent wintering, staging as well as breeding areas within a flyway in western Europe. When combined with calorimetric data, the present reference table will aid managers and scientists in assessing the importance of seed food resources at different sites and during different parts of the annual cycle.

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    TidskriftWildlife Biology
    StatusPublicerad - 2007

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