Brownification is a problem not only for ecology but also for drinkning water production

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During the last decades has a process called brownification has resulted in water with browner color, affecting water quality and ecosystems in natural waters around the northern hemisphere. This is not only a problem for the natural ecosystem, but also a problem to production of potable water. which causes production cost increase as the colour must be removed before distribution. The occurrence of brownification and the underlaying factors driving the process, is not yet fully understood. However, the problem occurs mainly in forested catchment areas.
This presentation will discuss the latest research in general as well as the research conducted at Kristianstad university. Where Constructed wetland (CW) has been examined as a potential solution. However, constructed wetland not only has the potential to reduce organic matter, but also increase organic matter. Thus, has both constructed wetlands as well mesocosm wetland been studied at Kristianstad University.

StatusPublicerad - 2022-nov.-22
EvenemangLinnaeus ECO-TECH 2022 - Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sverige
Varaktighet: 2022-nov.-212022-nov.-23


KonferensLinnaeus ECO-TECH 2022

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