Clients' experiences of housing adaptations: A longitudinal mixed-methods study

Cecilia Pettersson, Charlotte Löfqvist, Agneta Malmgren Fänge

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Purpose: To explore clients' experience of the housing adaptations (HAs) over time in relation to housing and health. Method: A multiple longitudinal case study, employing an embedded mixed-method design was used. Four participants were included and data from semi-structured interviews were combined with data from structured survey assessments. Results: HA made it possible to maintain valuable roles and activities, to continue to live in the participants' own homes and to take part in the society. The participants strived for autonomy and control, and in order to do so they needed different kinds of support, in terms of HA and mobility devices as well as support from professionals. HA also challenged the participants' routines and habits, as well as their perception about how an appealing HA aesthetically. Thus, the decision to apply for a HA was not always straightforward. Instead, the participants were constantly engaged in negotiations with themselves, concerning benefits and drawbacks of different decisions. Conclusions: HAs involve complex personenvironmentactivity (P-E-A) transactions, and enhance clients' activity and independence in spite of functional decline. The knowledge generated is important in order to improve individual HA, as well as improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the intervention. Implications for Rehabilitation Clients need different kinds of support from professionals. Clients needs and preferences should be at the forefront throughout the housing adaptation process. Clients individual meaning of the housing adapation as well as the social environment are important aspects.

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TidskriftDisability and Rehabilitation
StatusPublicerad - 2012-okt.
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