Clinical research on peri-implant diseases: consensus report of Working Group 4.

Mariano Sanz, Iain L Chapple, Jan Derks, E. Figuero, Filippo Grazianni, Lisa Heitz-Mayfield, David Herrera, Ann-Marie Jansåker, Sören Jepsen, Björn Klinge, Bruno Loos, Andrea Mombelli, Panos Papapanou, Ioannis Polyzois, Stefan Renvert, Giovanni Salvi, Pascal Kunz, Anna-Karin Lundgren, Rene Willi

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BACKGROUND: Two systematic reviews have evaluated the quality of research and reporting of observational studies investigating the prevalence of, the incidence of and the risk factors for peri-implant diseases and of experimental clinical studies evaluating the efficacy of preventive and therapeutic interventions.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: For the improvement of the quality of reporting for both observational and experimental studies, the STROBE and the Modified CONSORT recommendations were encouraged.

RESULTS: To improve the quality of research in peri-implant diseases, the following were recommended: the use of unequivocal case definitions; the expression of outcomes at the subject rather than the implant level; the implementation of study validation tools; the reporting of potential sources of bias; and the use of appropriate statistical methods.

CONCLUSIONS: In observational studies, case definitions for peri-implantitis were agreed. For risk factor determination, the progressive use of cross-sectional and case-control studies (univariate analyses), to prospective cohorts (multilevel modelling for confounding), and ultimately to intervention studies were recommended. For preventive and interventional studies of peri-implant disease management, parallel arm RCTs of at least 6-months were encouraged. For studies of non-surgical and surgical management of peri-implantitis, the use of a composite therapeutic end point was advocated. The development of standard control therapies was deemed essential.

Sidor (från-till)202-6
Antal sidor196
TidskriftJournal of Clinical Periodontology
NummerSuppl 12
StatusPublicerad - 2012

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