Collaboration in public sectors: contradictions, paradoxes and complexities of practice

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Focus in this paper is collaboration between different parts of a Region in Sweden. The first aim is from reflexive pragmatism perspective study frameworks and processes in a two years project of a collaboration in the Region. The second aim is too understood and explores these processes in terms of theoretical concepts that seriously consider contradictions, paradoxes and complexities of practice. 

The case in this paper is collaboration in a region where the Regional Council commissioned the Public Health Committee to form sector-integrated health-promoting network together with other units in the region. 

The method used for get the empirical material is a dialogue between “insider”, in the form of project leader, and “outsider”, in form of researcher. Also interviews with staff and project leaders’ diaries were used as empirical material. So, the focus is on what is said to have happened, not what has actually happened. In order to understand this and try to explain what actually happened, we are addressing a comprehensive theoretical framework. 

Some theoretical arias take account of collaboration as a contradicting, complex and dynamic practise. The combined characteristic of these theoretical arias need to be that they begin with the complexity of practice, it´s dynamics and constant emergent character. The reflexive pragmatic approach contains a critical perspective and at same time limiting the number of perspectives that will contribute to developing the practice and concepts that managers can use for future effective collaboration. This is in the paper; structure (the bureaucracy form), complexity theories and sensemaking. The concept of boundary objects and trust helped us to complete the picture of collaboration in practice as ambiguous, paradoxical and as mess – the ontological content of collaboration in practice.

StatusPublicerad - 2012
EvenemangXVI IRSPM, Rom, 20120411-20120413 -
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KonferensXVI IRSPM, Rom, 20120411-20120413
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