Communication on physics teaching in preschool

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Current research points out the need to develop early childhood education science content didactics. This qualitative study contributes to the field, illuminating teacher’s and children’s communication about physics. Teaching activities in five preschools, children age 1–5, are inspired by a science teaching model including digital support. The analysis is guided by concepts object of learning and ways of communication with developmental pedagogy as a theoretical framework. The results show (1) how the communication related to the object of learning can be described as different ways of communication (2) communicative patterns related to ways of communication and each setting. The findings show characteristics and patterns of communication where teacher’s and children’s ways of communication, the science teaching model and the teacher’s role is problematised. Further research is needed to investigate implications for teachers and children as contributors in acts of communication related to science teaching and digitalisation.

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TidskriftInternational Journal of Early Years Education
StatusPublicerad - 2021-dec.-01

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