Dancing Dinosaurs: an Infinite Adventure

Ingrid Lindahl

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    Research aims: The aim of this study is to describe and interpret the trans-disciplinary exploration of children, in constructing the choreography of the “Dance of the dinosaurs” where mathematics is one of the disciplines used. . The central question is: In what way does children´s trans-disciplinary exploration emerge? Other questions are: What could be learned about the mathematical understanding of children through their applications? What problems emerge during the process and how are the children acting?

    Relationship to previous research works: The study is a part of a larger pedagogical development project in preschool class and primary school, initiated by the Swedish Reggio Emilia institute.

    Theoretical and conceptual framework: Deconstructive dialogues, fantasy and rhizome constitute central conceptions in the theoretical framework.

    Paradigm, methodology and methods: Methodologically, the study is an example of dialogical research, enabling a bridge between post-modern and modern theories and approaches. The children attend an F-1 form. Their interest in dinosaurs resulted in a dance project, including a few groups of children. The empirical material consists of a total of six hours of video-tape, completed by diary-notes. By posing question to the empirical data, patterns of actions is emerged which interprets according to the theoretical framework.

    Ethical considerations: The study adheres to the ethical guidelines of the Scientific Council regarding research, where the participation and approval of children are seen as fundamental.

    Main finding or discussion: Some findings: Time, space, pattern, size, number emerge in the mathematical work of children, children cooperates and aims for more.

    Implications, practice or policy: The study illustrates a trans-disciplinary exploration where children explore and identifies new problems, reflects critically and calls in question.

    StatusPublicerad - 2013
    Evenemang23rd EECERA Conference: value, culture and contexts, Tallin, 28th – 30th august 2013 -
    Varaktighet: 1980-jan.-01 → …


    Konferens23rd EECERA Conference: value, culture and contexts, Tallin, 28th – 30th august 2013
    Period80-01-01 → …

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