Development of Fingerfood recipes for meals for home usage among older people with eating disabilities

Lucie Borodacz

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Background: In the context of demographic changes and age-related diseases, there is a need to focus on the health of older people. Eating disabilities, such as difficulties to use cutlery, caused by various diseases (Parkinson's disease, consequences of a stroke) are becoming more frequent and solutions must be put in place. Objective: The purpose of this study is to create recipes of Fingerfoods for older adults over 65 years old with eating disabilities. These recipes should be prepared at home and rich in protein and energy. Design: A creative design was used to create products, and several variations were created from a basic recipe. The differences between the variations of a recipe are the ingredients that can be substituted or changed in quantity. Materials and Methods: Concerning the physical analysis, texture measurements, viscosity, and colorimetry were performed. The sensory evaluation was a hedonic test to measure the appreciation of the panel according to several criteria: appearance, smell, taste, texture, and overall appreciation. Results: The samples, according to the type of product, were measured for their hardness, their adhesiveness, their viscosity, and their colour. Results also show the appreciation of each sample, the comparisons of the appreciations, the ideas for improvement of the participants, and correlations between different data sets. Discussion: Results have been analysed and used to select the suitable recipes at each phase of the study. The milkshake was preferred when vanilla whey protein was added. The cheese balls were preferred with more chicken and less cheese. Soy flour was appreciated equally or more than wheat flour in the fish cakes and the salty muffins while chickpea flour was the least liked. In the set of recipes proposed for sensory evaluation, the most protein-rich ones were the most appreciated. Conclusion: In the end, four recipes have been selected based on the physical analysis, the sensory evaluation, and the nutritional content. The expected amount of protein was achieved for all products

StatusPublicerad - 2021
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