Development of french pastries based on heritage cereals

Pauline Castaing-Lasvignottes

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Consumer preferences are constantly changing, and trends are moving towards local and sustainable crop production. Heritage grains fit perfectly into this context as they are suitable for organic farming and can also contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. For a more regular consumption of these cereals, it would be interesting to build on the formulation of popular and nutritious food products that have a growing commercial potential.
The main objective of this study is focused on the development of innovative sweet recipes based on ancient cereals. In this approach, it was decided to focus on the formulation of French pastries, namely brioches, that are likely to appeal to consumers with three different cereals (Helkorn, Öland and Källunda Variety Evolutionar). A study on the variation of certain ingredients such as butter and sugar were conducted to determine the potential impacts. According to this model, 4 recipes were selected for each type of cereal, for a total of 12 different brioche samples. Subsequently, the project focused on the characterization of the final products. The objective was to analyze the dough's swelling power, texture, and colour but also, we used both analytical and hedonic sensory analysis to determine the sensory characteristics as well as the consumer preferences. The food matrix is extremely complex and involves a large number of biochemical reactions. As we have seen, the variation of ingredients such as butter and sugar can influence the formulations on various aspects. At the end of these analyses, we have seen that sugar appears to be a major ingredient in the formulation and appreciation of consumers. Indeed, its increase or decrease has an impact on the final products in terms of Texture Profile Analysis results, colour, dough swelling power and general consumer preferences. The type of cereal does not appear to be an influential factor in relation to variations in sugar and fat.
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StatusPublicerad - 2022-aug.

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