Development of innovative and sustainable products based on algae

Ervan Maubert

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The worldwide demand for seaweed foods is increasing as seaweed is increasingly consumed for its health benefits but it also has many other advantages. The use of seaweed at the local level could first of all reduce the climatic impact of food imports. Even though seaweed is not well known in the Swedish food market, there is a real interest in growing it in Sweden due to a growing interest in environmental friendliness and sustainability. Therefore, it is interesting to study consumer preferences for seaweed to understand how these new products should be introduced.
The objective of this study is to formulate seaweed products and to determine their appreciation by consumers in view of a potential market introduction in the next few years. Following a preliminary study on consumer preferences, it was decided to produce a seaweed bread and a seaweed spread. In the framework of the project, four different species of seaweed from Ireland were used, namely Ulva ssp. (Sea Lettuce), Alaria esculenta (Alaria), Saccharina latissima (Sweet kelp or sugar kelp) and finally Palmaria palmata (Dilisk or Dulse). Then, a hedonic test was performed on the 8 final samples, one product per type of seaweed. This was followed by a characterization of the final products. For this, various physical and chemical analyses, such as swelling power, TPA, colors, pH, compression, TACK were carried out to see the impact of the various types of algae. At the end of these analyses, conclusions were drawn on a case by case basis but no type of algae seems to be different from the others on all the analyses.
FörlagKristianstad University Press
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StatusPublicerad - 2022-aug.

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