Distance Based Server Selection in 5G Networks

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Distance aware selection of servers and other networked
resources is necessary to take full advantage of the
5G ecosystem, where the new radio and edge computing both
contribute to significantly reduced latencies, but where propagation
times to distant servers may add noticeable delays. The
literature on server selection, and in particular on distance
aware server selection, is, however, surprisingly thin. The few
approaches we have come across are either relatively complex,
based on continuous measurements, or both and not reflected in
current standards. The present work therefore aims at simple
but accurate mechanisms which build on and are backward
compatible with present standards.
We briefly describe the existing alternatives for distance aware
selection as reflected in the standards, and propose include
location information in server URLs such that distances can be
explicitly calculated and evaluated by selecting entities.Moreover,
we present three distinct and simple approaches to encode
locations, two of which advantageously can be combined. The
performance of the methods are then subject to a comprehensive
performance evaluation where a large number of varied scenarios
are considered. The results reveal that simple geographical
coordinates should be restricted to very dense networks (typically
networks which form full meshes) whereas a combination of
the other approaches work well in other networks (in our case
networks based on trees, stars or loops). Contrary to earlier
proposals, our proposals consistently provide upper bounds
on distances which eliminates the uncertainties that surrounds
approximate solutions.
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StatusPublicerad - 2022-sep.-22
2022 30th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM)
- Radisson Blu Resort, Split, Kroatien
Varaktighet: 2022-sep.-222022-sep.-24


2022 30th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM)
Förkortad titelIEEE SoftCOM 2022

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