Do we Dare to Let the Family be there all the Time?

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Relatives to patients that has been undergoing resuscitation attempts, where no family members have been allowed to stay in the room, describe their greatest fear as being separated from the patient if he or she did not survive [1]. From the child’s perspective when hospitalized in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), collaboration between healthcare professionals, parents and the child, if possible, is a prerequisite for god nursing care. The child is also entitled to have a parent or other relative with them 24 hours a day [2]. From the parent’s perspective many situations in the PICU feels chaotic and unreal, the worst situations are when they are not given the opportunity to be close to their child and being involved in the care [3,4]. Observing the healthcare staff working intensively is perceived as very stressful and the parents are filled with much fear [4]. 
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