Dynamic assessment and the interactive examination

Anders Jönsson, Nikos Mattheos, Gunilla Svingby, Rolf Attström

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Learning is acknowledged to be a dynamic process of a series of interactions. However,

the assessment of learning, especially within academic profession directed

education has been usually treated as a non-interactive procedure, often limited to

a one-shot control of knowledge comprehension and psychomotor skills. Adaptation

to modern professional environments and life long learning, requires a wider

spectrum of meta-cognitive skills from students, such as the ability to assess ourselves

and identify consequent learning objectives that will steer our learning. The

Interactive Examination is a structured evaluation scheme, which aims to evaluate

student’s skills and competencies while expanding and supplementing the learning

process. The methodology utilises students’ own reflections and self-assessment as

a starting point, followed by an individual assignment and a task of comparing their

suggestions to that of peers or professionals. The differences, prioritising, reasoning

and arguments pointed by students in their comparison documents are analysed

and categorised. Finally, students receive individual feedback on their performance

and learning needs. The students are expected to come out of the process having not

only tested their current competence and understanding, but also having identified

individual learning objectives for the future. This paper will present and discuss

results from a multi-centre evaluation study on the Interactive Examination methodology,

as conducted through a specially designed Internet page during Autumn

2004. The study involved undergraduate students in the faculties of Odontology

and Teachers’ Education, Malmo University, Sweden. The aim of the study is to investigate

student’s perceptions of the methodology through standardised questionnaires

and interview, as well as identify factors of importance for interdisciplinary

applicability of assessment methodologies.

StatusPublicerad - 2005
Externt publiceradJa
EvenemangEARLI Biennial Conference 2005, Nicosia, Cyprus, August 23rd - 27h, 2005 -
Varaktighet: 2005-aug.-232005-aug.-27


KonferensEARLI Biennial Conference 2005, Nicosia, Cyprus, August 23rd - 27h, 2005

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