En åldrande befolkning: slutrapportering av nationell strategisk forskningsagenda

Karin Wendin, Martin Kylefors, Kristina Mjörnell

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    The background to the Agenda is the increasing proportion of elderly, it means both challenges and opportunities for society, business and entrepreneurship. The long term vision is to create a sustainable society for the aging population. The aim is to create and develop easily accessible goods, services and network – according the elderly people’s needs and demands. These products should be able to solve the complex situation for the elderly and to meet personal needs. The group of elderly is large and heterogeneous, in Sweden most elderly are healthy and live an independent life. But there are also those who are frail and sick, with great need of assistance and care. The work within the research agenda has been multidisciplinary in order to find new interaction effects. The agenda goal was to form collaborations through meetings and workshops where ideas and innovation chains with a holistic view were created. The Goal was achieved through four workshops with some 30 organizations. Smaller meetings were also held, as well as collaboration with other agendas. Three priority areas have been identified: housing, nutrition and health. To achieve this vision, it is important to work with preventions from an individual approach in a holistic perspective. Simple and robust regulatory frameworks and structures should benefit the individual's independence. Welfare technology that makes existing technology adapted, accessible and useful for the elderly would take us closer to the vision. This can be done through collaborations!


    FörlagSveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut
    ISBN (tryckt)978-91-87461-21-7
    StatusPublicerad - 2013


    ISSN (tryckt)0284-5172

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