Encountering older people: a person-centered communication training model

Bidragets översatta titel: Att möta äldre personer: en personcentrerad färdighetsträningsmodell

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Encountering older people - a person-centered communication training model
Introduction: Being recognised as a person is a universal human need and central to the transition to a person-centred elderly care. A prerequisite for acknowledging the person, is to pay attention to the persons emotional and existential concerns. One way to encounter such concerns is through person-centred communication. However, such communication has been described as challenging for nurses caring for older people. To prepare nursing students with this skill, a training model in communication has been introduced into the nursing programmes at Kristianstad University. The model is flexible with the learning activities: attend a filmed lecture; carry out a recorded conversation training in pairs; review and reflect on the recorded conversation; attend filmed general feedback on the conversations and own reflections; reflect on the feedback. The aim of this study was to explore nursing students' experiences of participating in the training. Method: Written reflection tasks (n=301) and semi-structured interviews with students (n=19) were conducted and content analysed. Result: The overall experience was that the skill training was important, challenging, rewarding, and learning. Listening to own recorded conversation made it possible to reflect on own strengths and shortcomings in communicating about emotional and existential concerns. Feedback on the recorded conversations and reflections was instructive. Conclusion: The skill training model is considered as meaningful and important for future work as a nurse in person-centred elderly care.
Learning outcomes: Conference participants will gain insight into how to use a model that, despite a large number of students, provides possibility to repeatedly train conversations about emotional and existential issues in person-centred elderly care.
Bidragets översatta titelAtt möta äldre personer: en personcentrerad färdighetsträningsmodell
StatusPublicerad - 2024-juni-12
EvenemangNordic Conress of Gerontology : Ageing in a transforming world - Karolinska institutet, Stockholm, Sverige
Varaktighet: 2024-juni-112024-juni-14
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KonferensNordic Conress of Gerontology
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