Engaging Students Through Innovation in Computer Science Education

Kamilla Klonowska, Marijana Teljega, Fredrik Frisk

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This contribution addresses how the innovation activities have been implemented in two bachelor programmes in computer science at Kristianstad University in Sweden. The goal of the innovation activities is to equip students with essential skills and abilities like developing technical and analytical skills, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity to prepare them in their professional role, to actively contribute to their workplace and work to identify and find innovative solutions to societal challenges.
To achieve this goal, the programmes provide project-based learning to enhance the learning experience for students and, additionally, include the events like Imagine or Hackathon, where students work in teams to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. Imagine event provides an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and creativity and receive feedback from experts in the field. It is offered at Kristianstad University several times a year with different focus areas linked to the University's profile area of environment, health and water, which for computer science students give a chance to work interdisciplinary. Hackathon event is provided by older students and the goal is to challenge and encourage younger students in programming.
By providing students with practical experiences and exposure to modern technologies and teaching methodologies, the programme prepares them to navigate the ever-changing demands of the workforce. The incorporation of team-based learning and events enhances students' collaboration and creativity, providing them with the skills (effective communication, leadership, project management) they need to succeed in the modern workplace.
StatusPublicerad - 2023-sep.
EvenemangEuropean Society for Engineering Education: Engineering Education for Sustainability - TU Dublin, Dublin, Irland
Varaktighet: 2023-sep.-112023-sep.-14


KonferensEuropean Society for Engineering Education
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  • Computer Science, Academic and Sustainable development tracks

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