European workshop in periodontal health and cardiovascular disease consensus document

Phillipe Bouchard, Pierre Boutouyrie, Francesco D'Aiuto, John Deanfield, Efthymios Deliargyris, Francisco Fernandez-Aviles, Francis Hughes, Phoebus Madianos, Stefan Renvert, Mariano Sanz

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    There is evidence from epidemiological research on the association between periodontal diseases (PD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD). In spite of these significant associations, however, there is still a lack of awareness in the cardiovascular community on their possible importance. In view of this evidence, an expert panel composed by six European periodontists and four cardiologists addressed the following questions: a) How important is the association of PD and CVD?; b) How do we measure exposure (PD) and outcome (CVD)?; c) What is the pathogenic link?; d) What is the relative importance of periodontal therapy as prevention of CVD?; e) Is it justified to recommend periodontal health with the goal of reducing CV risk?; f) What clinical and experimental research is needed?. The general conclusions were that even though these proven epidemiological association between PD and CVD, there is, however, no compelling evidence that preventive periodontal care or therapeutic intervention will influence cardiac health. As Periodontitis continues to have a high prevalence within the population and the fact that CVD remains as the major cause of human death in developed countries, in light of these associations we can legitimately, based on evidence, state that oral health has an influence on systemic health in general and in CVD in particular, and therefore, we should promote oral health in general and periodontal health in particular as part of a healthy life style and hence as an important component in the prevention of CVD.

    Sidor (från-till)B13-B22
    TidskriftEuropean Heart Journal, Supplement
    StatusPublicerad - 2010

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