Exchange punches, not bullets: reconciliation through combat sports

Tony Mickelsson Blomqvist, Erika Hansson

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Background. While sport is ofen considered a vehicle for peace, the evidence for this notion is weak. Tere is also a vast diference in the way in which sports have been studied. Problem and aim. In light of the confict between Ukraine and Russia, the current study investigated reconciliatory attitudes among Ukrainian athletes when facing Russian and non-Russian opponents. Te aim was to explore whether sport and competition can unite combat sports athletes despite them coming from countries in confict. Method. One hundred and ffy-six Ukrainian athletes in several diferent types of combat sports were recruited and divided into two groups according to whether or not they faced a Russian opponent. Te groups then answered questions in regard to reconcilia-tory attitudes, sociopolitical hostility and aggression. Teir answers were analyzed in an ANOVA and with subsequent moderation analysis with the PROCESS macro v3.1. Results and conclusions. We found that, in general, competition infuenced reconciliatory attitudes in a positive way. Moreover, the efect was predicted by physical aggression, verbal aggression and anger. Additionally, hostility moderated the relationship between pre- and post-reconciliatory attitudes. However, neither nationality nor sociopolitical perception of Russia infuenced reconciliatory attitudes. Tese fndings might have implications for future research on combat sports, such as identifying individuals suitable to reconcile and the fostering of positive attitudes (peace) despite political confict.

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TidskriftIdo Movement for Culture. Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology
StatusPublicerad - 2021

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