Experiences of Close Relatives of Older Adults in Need of a Nursing Home: It Is We Who Manage Their Fragile Daily Life

Lisa Spang, Marie Holmefur, Cecilia Pettersson, Kajsa Lidström-Holmqvist

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Home-based care is expanding, and we need to know more about what kind of support older adults need and how such support should be designed. One way to gain more knowledge is to study the experiences that underlie a nursing home application. However, older adults in need of nursing homes are often too weak to participate in research. Thus, this study aimed to describe the experiences of close relatives of the daily life of older adults in need of a nursing home. A qualitative approach was used, where fifteen relatives of nursing home applicants in central Sweden were interviewed using a study-specific interview guide. The interviews were analysed using thematic analysis. The findings are presented in one main theme “Being the person who manages a fragile life situation” with three underlying themes: Balancing and fulfilling expectations, striving to achieve a status quo, experiencing a breaking point, a change is inevitable, and waiting and moving into a nursing home, a period of tension. The main theme describes how the participants contributed to managing the older adults’ life situation and acted as a representative in contacts with health and social care. They tried to offer support in their daily life but over time experienced a breaking point when ageing in place was no longer sustainable, resulting in a nursing home application. The rationale for a nursing home application was often a combination of the older adult’s own wishes and the fact that their relatives felt there was a combined need for extensive care and physical proximity to staff, which cannot be provided in ordinary housing. Sometimes the decision to apply was also based on relatives no longer having the capacity to continue managing an older adult’s fragile situation.
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TidskriftHealth and Social Care in the Community
StatusPublicerad - 2023-feb.-08
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