Exploring Advanced Projects as Meeting Points between Students and Industry

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This study includes survey of the Swedish companies and other potential employers perspective/view on the computer science students´ projects as well as the opportunities and limitations for the students. This is the first major study we have undertaken within this bachelor programme to, in depth, investigate both the company and the student views of how we should incorporate industry-oriented working methods in the context of CDIO. From the companies´ perspective, for example we are evaluating questions related to the projects´ size and projects´ output; the confidentiality of the projects; the communication aspects, like how early and how often a company need to meet the students; the job opportunities after graduation; or if the company is interested in other ways of being involved in the bachelor program. Two courses in the last semester, in the Bachelor Programme in Computer Science and Engineering, are implemented as work-based projects. Here, the students have an opportunity to work with an advanced project incorporating both prototype building, software development and academic research. The full time twenty-week project is incorporating the Conceive, Design and Implement parts of the CDIO concept. For the last three years, the proportion of work-based projects have varied between 40 % and 80 % and has mainly been done in co-operation with private companies. A few projects have been done in co-operation with none-profit organizations. The students’ perspective is very important and is therefore included in this study. The students from the bachelor programme as well as alumni have participated in the survey. The student survey focuses on expectations, experiences, and reflections from the interaction with the companies. The survey also includes questions related to acquired skills and abilities, limitations and difficulties, as well as job opportunities after the graduation.
StatusPublicerad - 2022-juni-13
Evenemang18th CDIO International Conference - Reykjavík University, Reykjavík, Island
Varaktighet: 2022-juni-132022-juni-15
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Konferens18th CDIO International Conference
Förkortad titelcdio2022

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  • Advanced projects
  • IT-Industry
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • CDIO Standards: 2-3, 5-8


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