Exploring the antecedents of mental health of the business professionals in Sweden

Timurs Umans, Pernilla Broberg, Torbjörn Tagesson

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BACKGROUND: Business professionals are an important occupational group that carries responsibility for the economic welfare of organizations and of society at large. These professionals have recently been reported to be experiencing increased mental strain, which may have a significant effect on their role they play in organizations and in society. Understanding the causes of this strain is thus an important endeavour.   

OBJECTIVE: This study explores the antecedents of the mental health of business professionals.  

METHODS: Multiple linear regression analyses were used to examine the relationship between business professionals’ mental health and its demographic, work-related, and other triggers. T-tests and descriptive statistics were used to explore the gender of the respondents in relation to these triggers and mental health.  

RESULTS: Compared with their male counterparts, female business professionals report poorer mental health; however, no gender differences were found in job satisfaction or life satisfaction. According to this study, age, overtime pay, higher salary and position as a manager have a positive relation with mental health, whereas working overtime has a negative relation with mental health. Job satisfaction and life satisfaction are important determinants of the mental health of business professionals.

CONCLUSIONS: Business professionals are important to the economic welfare of their organization and of society as a whole. Our study suggests that demographic characteristics, work-related aspects and subjective dimensions of well-being have a profound effect on the mental health of business professionals.

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TidskriftWorkA journal of Prevention, Assessment and rehabilitation
StatusPublicerad - 2020

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