Förskollärares tal om fysik i förskolan: från avgränsad aktivitet till vardagen som utgångspunkt

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Through the revised curriculum (Swedish National Agency for Education, 2010), science was emphasised, and chemical processes and physical phenomena added as specific content for preschool. However, reviews by the Swedish Schools Inspectorate (2018) show that preschool teachers are still uncertain about the science content and what it should mean in a preschool context. Therefore, it is of interest to study what happens during planning sessions where preschool teachers plan an object of learning in physics. This article presents the qualitatively different ways as the preschool teachers' statements connected to physics and how the teaching of physics changes during four work team planning sessions. The analysis of video transcripts of the planning sessions shows that the preschool teachers' discussions reflect both uncertainty and certainty about the physics content and the physics teaching. The preschool teachers' talk connected to the content change over time from everyday language to the use of scientific concepts. Over time preschool teachers identify new potential starting points for the object of learning. The object of learning is discussed as a construction process and related to time and to what happens during planning sessions and teaching activities. Finally, the implications for practice are put forward.
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StatusPublicerad - 2022-maj-23

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