Fingerfoods: development of in-between meals recipes for home usage among older adults with eating disabilities

Emeline Chambard

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The study’s rationale: Physical difficulties as well as socio-psychological factors have an impact on the nutritional status and well-being of the elderly, leading to reduced capacity. In addition, feeding difficulties in the elderly after stroke or with illnesses – holding cutlery, bringing food to the mouth, chewing and swallowing –are a factor reducing independence and contributing to malnutrition.

Aim: The aim of this study was to develop and evaluate the acceptability of proteinrich in-between recipes intended as fingerfoods for home usage among older adults with eating disabilities. Recipes intended for publication in a recipe book.

Methods: Several prototypes per recipe were developed using the creative design method. Measurements on physical characteristics – firmness, stickiness, viscosity, colorimetry – as well as consumer tests at home – general appreciation, appearance, smell, taste, texture – were conducted.

Results: The measurements of the physical characteristics helped to reduce the number of samples presented in the hedonic test. The laboratory measurements combined with the results of the hedonic tests (n= 57-77 participants) were used to determine the most suitable and appreciated recipe. The participants' comments enabled the improvement of the recipes.

Conclusion. Four acceptable fingerfood recipes for in-between meal for older adults with eating disabilities were developed: blinis, pancakes, banana drinks, chocolate chip cakes. While the addition of spirulina is not appreciated, the addition of vanilla whey protein or sauce may be good both for acceptability and nutritional reasons.The higher the content of protein, the lower the firmness of the solid fingerfoods.Completing this study by ensuring acceptability and attractiveness among older adults with eating difficulties could confirm the recipes.

StatusPublicerad - 2021
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