Geriatric assessment: Nutrition screening, assessment and intervention

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Nutritional disorders are common consequences of ill health. The most prevalent of these is malnutrition, a devastating condition with negative outcomes for the individual and significant costs for the society. To effectively treat this condition, nutrition care must be considered an integral part of the medical treatment. The nutrition care process is a structured process in which nutrition problems are investigated, diagnosed, and treated. Several professional competencies are needed to meet different patients’ nutritional needs. Therefore, an inter-professional team consisting of physicians, nurses, and dietitians is essential for the best possible outcome of nutritional care. Furthermore, a personcentered approach, involving a partnership between the patient and healthcare providers in decision-making, is important for compliance. In this chapter we will outline the distinct steps in the nutrition care process, give an overview of the different forms of nutrition therapy (including the risk of re-feeding syndrome), and describe how interprofessional collaboration contributes to effective nutrition care. Special attention will be given to the diagnosis of malnutrition using the GLIM criteria.
Titel på värdpublikationGeriatric Medicine
RedaktörerKyung-Hwan Cho, Jean-Pierre Michel, Jerzy Gasowski
UtgivningsortSeoul, South Korea
FörlagMedical Publishing Company, Seoul, South Korea
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ISBN (tryckt)9788986077261
StatusPublicerad - 2023

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