Growing old in a foreign context: older immigrants experience of the everyday life in nursing home

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Aim: The aim of the study was to illuminate older immigrants’ experiences of moving to a residential care facility.


Background: Increased immigration will lead to a future increase in the number of older immigrants in residential care. In order to adjust nursing care to their needs it is important to acquire knowledge of their situation.


Methods: Semi-structured interviews with seven immigrants living in residential care in Sweden were analysed using a qualitative manifest content analysis.


Findings: Older immigrants’ experience of everyday life in residential care facilities was: Trying to adjust to relocation to residential care, Feeling alienated by communication difficulties, and Trying to stay connected by keeping ties to the origin and past, with internal variation seen as subcategories.


Conclusion: Older immigrants, who move into residential care are vulnerable and experience a major transition as they move from a familiar social and cultural environment into a place mainly designed for older Swedes. There is a great risk that they will become alienated and highly dependent on their relatives if not nursing care interventions with specific focus on their needs are developed.

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