Hållbar utveckling: en grupp gymnasieelevers resonemang om några livsstilsval

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Citizens need to be prepared on socio- scientific issues in order to argue in interdisciplinary subjects related to cycles in soil, air and water, and the increased greenhouse effect. The ecological, economic and social perspectives must be understood as a whole, while the consumption of resources stems from various conflicts of interest. Focus in the study is to investigate how students in secondary school argue in a long term perspective about their ability to act in food-, water- and energy issues. Interviews and questionnaires have been the data collection methods. The analytical method was to reflect the students' statements regarding the external and internal environment in which the Earth System Science respective Agens´ model accounted analyzers. Most pupils expressed egocentric and short-term perspectives in their reasoning and they reflected on their lack of factual knowledge from school.

Sidor (från-till)119-145
Antal sidor26
TidskriftNordidacticaJournal of Humanities and Social Science Education
StatusPublicerad - 2014

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