Högstadielärares tankar om att arbeta med skönlitteratur i ämnena biologi, fysik och kemi

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This presentation reports from a sub study that is part of a PhD-project with the overall aim to study how literary texts can be incorporated in science teaching in ways that enhance student interest and engagement in science. In the sub study Swedish secondary biology, chemistry and physics teachers (n=100) answered a questionnaire about their experiences connected to the incorporation of literary texts in secondary science teaching. The questionnaire was followed up by interviews (n=10). The preliminary results presented here show that teachers have an interest in using literary texts in science education especially in biology and physics. According to the teachers there are specific parts of the curriculum in biology, physics and chemistry that is better suited for literary texts (e.g. content related to health and environment) and there are also specific types of texts and literary genres that are more relevant for science education (e.g. short stories and science fiction). Even if teachers show interest in using literary texts in their teaching, they have limited experience of it, according to the survey. The PhD-project is expected to contribute with didactic models that can aid teachers in their planning and implementation of incorporating literary texts in science teaching.
StatusPublicerad - 2024-juni-05
EvenemangNFSUN 2024: Revisioning STEAM education in times of Climate Change - University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Island
Varaktighet: 2024-juni-052024-juni-07


KonferensNFSUN 2024: Revisioning STEAM education in times of Climate Change
Förkortad titelNFSUN 2024

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